India: Telangana youth and farmers to get involved in solar


The nine-member coordination committee in-charge will be selecting unemployed youth and farmers in the identified areas. They will then be guided by the committee in setting up solar projects. The committee will help them identify appropriate sites for solar PV and walk them through the financial closure process states local media "The Hindu".

INR233 crores (US$36 million) has been allotted to Telangana as a central financial grant. The breakdown is around INR50 lakhs ($80,000) per megawatt for an allocated capacity of 467MW for development of grid-connected solar PV projects according to "The Hindu". The projects are to be located near 11kV, 33kV, 66kV or 133kV power sub-stations to promote distributed generation of solar energy under Solar Scale-up Plan of 100,000MW.