BYD completes 1MW PV plant in Germany


The 1MW PV plant in Altenau, Lower Saxony, deploys the company’s BYD 430 double glass frameless PV modules which boast a 40-year lifetime. The PV plant which was developed by EPC Fenecon is a provate project for Berger Construction Company and 60% of the generated electricity will be consumed by the company. The remainder will be fed into the German grid under the EEG.

The double glass PV module produced by BYD is a glass-glass module with thin sheets. The special feature is that the cells are not embedded in an EVA film, but rather in silicone which is applied in liquid form. EVA quality issues have been linked with degradation. This new technology by BYD however is what that contributes to the increased lifetime of the module. The busbars have been replaced by 24 wires which helped decrease silver consumption by 25%.

Recently BYD announced that it will set up a manufacturing plant for its glass-glass modules in Brazil. The plant is scheduled to open in the first half of 2016.