E.ON grows PV power plant development business


E.ON is continuing on its path towards becoming a major renewable energy developer after spinning off its traditional generation assets. The company announced today that it has developed two new utility scale solar projects in the U.S. and has completed a smaller project in its native Germany.

The larger project is to be developed in California, in the form of the U.S. Maricopa West solar farm. The PV power plant will have a capacity of 20 MW and employ 89,0000 modules. It is scheduled to be completed before the end of this year.

The U.S. Maricopa West project is a part of what E.ON is describing as its “flexible business model,” in which it draws on its global development experience to execute on renewable energy projects – whether they are to be owned by E.ON or a third party on completion.

Under this model, E.ON has developed and sold the 20 MW Alamo Solar Park, in San Bernadino Country, California, along with projects in Arizona. The Alamo power plant was sold to U.S. utility Dominion.

In Germany, where E.ON has its headquarters, the company completed a 2.1 MW power plant near the city of Neubrandenburg, in May. E.ON has also been awarded solar projects under Germany’s fledgling tender process, administered by the country’s Federal Network Agency – although no further details have been provided.