US: S&C contracted for 7 MW energy storage facility


The project, to be located in Minster, will be implemented on behalf of HMV and the Village of Minster. When complete, it will be tied to an adjacent 4.2 MW solar PV project, owned by HMV. It is expected to be the U.S.’ largest solar+storage system of its kind. No date was provided for completion, however.

S&C will supply its PureWave Storage Management System, which will provide power conversion for 3 MWh of lithium ion batteries. The system consists of a master control system and a 2-MW/2.5-MVA power conversion system (PCS). The PCS is in turn comprised of two inverters, each rated 1 MW/1.25 MVA. The company is also supplying its 15kV distribution switchgear.

Overall, S&C says the energy storage system will provide the two clients with four different revenue streams. "Revenue stacking is one of the quickest ways to create a strong return on investment for energy storage systems," said Troy Miller, director of grid Solutions at S&C. "In the case of the Minster project, we are seeing one of the first examples of how a municipal utility can work with a developer to create multiple revenue streams that benefit both parties, and we expect to see more projects like this in the future."

pv magazine has contacted S&C for more information.