Yingli pays off majority of medium-term notes due today


Despite recently presiding as the world’s largest PV module maker, Yingli Green Energy has been in financial trouble for the last few years. Each quarter the company continues to lose money, and in May warned investors of “substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern” due to the company’s heavy debt burden.

This in turn led to a collapse of Yingli’s stock price, feeding a vicious cycle of falling market capitalization which can make it harder to obtain funding to feed its debt. It is hardly surprising that in late September Yingli proposed a restructuring of payment on US$157 in medium-term notes.

However, today Yingli brought some good news that shows that it may still be able to navigate its financial problems, at least on the short term. The company reports that it was able to pay off $110 million, representing 70% of the principle and interest, on the day the notes were due. This was achieved by liquidating idle land and demolishing facilities in its abortive polysilicon division.

Yingli says that it is “working closely” with note holders, and expects to repay the remaining portion within one year.

The company’s stock price has shown a very modest rally in the past two weeks. However, it still remains well below $1 per share, and has been below this value for three months.