Neo Solar Power produces 21.1% efficient mono-PERC solar cell


Taiwan’s cell makers have had a rough last four quarters financially since the imposition of U.S. duties in the summer of 2014, but continue to build on their strengths in technology and manufacturing expertise.

Today Neo Solar Power (NSP) announced new progress with passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) technology. The company reports that it has produced 21.1% efficient cell based on a p-type monocrystalline wafer, as verified by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute.

NSP says that its “Black 21” cell builds on its the release of its Black 20 product in 2013, and that it also offers lower light-induced degradation (LID) than normal p-type mono cells, as well as low potentially induced degradation.

Black 21’s 21.1% efficiency is getting close to the p-type mono record set last November by Trina Solar at 21.4%. Trina’s record cell also included back surface passivation.