InnoLas to supply 800 MW of Sunrise PERC production


The PERC investment cycle is continuing to be a source of orders for laser equipment providers. InnoLas is the latest beneficiary, having announced a deal to supply Sino-American Silicon Production (SAS) subsidiary Sunrise Global Solar Energy with tooling for 800 MW of PERC cell production.

The InnoLas ILS-TT laser machines will be deployed by Taiwan’s Sunrise in its PERC production, for the Laser Contact Opening process. The tooling can process both mono and multicrystalline PERC cells with either dot, line or dashed line patterns. The ILS-TT can be equipped with two laser heads for processing two cells simultaneously and, depending of configuration and application, can achieve throughput of 3,600 cell per hour, InnoLas claims.

The German laser equipment provider had previously supplied Sunrise with tooling back in 2013. InnoLas reports that having trialed these machines, along with those from competitors, Sunrise has decided to equip its production with the ILS-TT tools.

“We are proud that SAS, a world leading manufacturer of PERC type solar cells, has chosen our laser systems after carefully evaluating the available options on the market,” said InnoLas Solutions’ CEO Markus Nicht.

Last month InnoLas appointed GCD Sunlight as an exclusive agent for its China business.

Sunrise reports that it will have fully ramped its 800 MW PERC production within the next two months. Its Sunrise CELCO technology, a combination of PERC method and proprietary know-how developed by Sunrise, has already achieved peak cell efficiency of 21.5% in mass production of p-type monocrystalline cells. The company is now aiming to push average cell efficiency to 21%.