Germany: Just 127.5 MW of PV registered in September


Germany’s Federal Network Agency released the new solar PV figures for September on Friday. Overall, it reports that 127.472 MW worth of plants were installed, of which 53.854 MW were ground-mounted systems.

Looking behind the figures, however, just 45.13 MW, across 3,194 systems, were actually grid connected in September. The remaining MWs comprise projects already operational months or years ago, and which have only now been registered.

Also, no new ground-mounted plants were included in the system registry, due to the fact previously applicable tariffs for these plants expired at the end of August and are now only funded through tenders.

The FIT will not be reduced again in November. Thus, they have remained stable since September, at between €0.0853 and €0.1231/kWh, depending on the size of the solar PV plant. These values will also be maintained in December, because cumulative annual expansion has fallen below the 1.5 GW mark.

According to the EEG, in this instance, there is no further FIT reduction and revenue cap for all plants selling their generated energy on the market. These tariffs are between €0.0891 and €0.1270/kWh. All plants 500 kW and bigger must sell their energy on the spot market; from 2016 this will extend to all new plants 100 kW or bigger.

For the first nine months of 2015, new solar PV installations totaled just 1.165 GW, reported the Federal Network Agency. The real figure is likely to be much lower, however, given that many plants are delayed registrations. Meanwhile, it said the installed capacity of all funded plants at the end of September was just 39.4 GW.

Translated and edited from pv magazine Deutschland by Becky Beetz