Blue Earth picks up an all-star cast of executives


Today solar and energy developer Blue Earth announced that it is adding four new executives to its team, listing some big names from major solar companies. Topping the list, the company has hired former SunEdison VP Zeina El-Azzi as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development.

El-Azzi’s move to Blue Earth comes as SunEdison is shaking up its management in the wake of a shift in strategy, driven by extended low stock prices and a crisis of investor confidence. On Monday, the company announced that it had fired TerraForm Power President and CEO Carlos Domenech, and had replaced him as CEO with Chief Financial Officer Brian Wuebbels.

Blue Earth says that El-Azzi will lead the company’s efforts in acquiring portfolios of power projects and will help with strategy development.

Additionally, Blue Earth has brought on former Recurrent Energy Chief Legal Officer Judith Hall, who will join the company as Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel.

John Knight, formerly of Tradewind Energy, will also join as VP of Business Development, and Blue Earth has hired Peter Defazio as VP of Mergers and Acquisitions and Project Finance, from NRG Renew. It is unknown whether or not Peter DeFazio is any relation to the congressman from Oregon, who shares his name.

“I am ecstatic that we have been able to bring to Blue Earth, four very successful and seasoned power industry executives to our team that are expected to substantially increase our ability to grow our projects and to successfully execute our ambitious business plans,” stated Blue Earth CEO Bob Powell. “It is indicative of the great team we are building by bringing Zeina, Judith, John and Peter to our team.”

Blue Earth President Bob Powell previously served as president of SunEdison and Chief Financial Officer of utility Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Blue Earth’s investor relations staff has noted that Powell has worked with a number of the executives the company is hiring.