Third German PV tender delivers 204 MW across 43 bids


While the tender process for solar projects is well developed in a number of markets, Germany continues to roll out its modest PV tender system for ground mounted projects. Winners of the third tender were announced today, which demonstrated a positive development in that private investors and cooperatives were awarded projects.

"It is particularly gratifying that this time actors such as cooperatives or individuals were awarded projects," said Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency. This is the evidence that “less professional bidders" might be successful in the tendering procedures. "The positive impact of the first two rounds has solidified: Once again, the competition leads to low costs for the promotion of photovoltaic ground-mounted systems," Homann continued.

According to the Federal Network Agency there were fewer bidders than in previous rounds. However the bids totaled a larger capacity figure. As of the tender closing date of December 1, 127 bids had been received, for the total capacity of 562 MW. 13 bids were excluded, according the authority, due to errors in the application.

The prices achieved by the successful bids have not been revealed, although in the second tender the lowest bid is understood to have come in at €0.01/kWh.It should be noted this is a strategic bid because the uniform price paid is the highest among the successful tenders.

Successful bids have until January 5 to post a deposit. The uniform price achieved in the 204 MW third round tender will be posted in January. All projects in the round will receive the same tariff.