SolarWatt releases 300W dual glass module


With enhanced durability and the potential for bifaciality, the rollout of glass-glass modules continues. Solarwatt produced its first dual-glass encapsulated module 18 years ago and now claims to have developed the most powerful 60-cell glass-glass module on the market.

“Although modules with 300 W power are already on the market, they are not as durable as glass-glass modules,” said Solarwatt CEL Detlef Neuhaus.

Solarwatt provides a 30-year performance guarantee for its 60M dual-glass module. The modules are produced at its manufacturing facility in Dresden.

“Only if the solar system is reliable and efficient, the end user can benefit from the overall system performance and reduce costs over time, "said Carsten Bovenschen, Chief Financial Officer of Solarwatt.

U.S. manufacturer Sunpreme produces 360W, 72 cell modules, based on front side efficiency. When bifaciality is taken into account, Sunpreme says its modules can achieve over 400W. While somewhat of a gimmick, Sunpreme produced a 500 W, 96 cell module, that was first unveiled in 2014.