Germany: 83 MW added in January


While solar markets such as the U.S. and India surging ahead with, and the UK developers rush to complete projects before regulatory changes come into effect, the German market is exhibiting few signs of recovering to former installation levels.

The latest Federal Network Agency figures reveal that almost 17 MW of PV plants and 65 MW of distributed systems were installed and registered with the agency in January. The first projects under Germany’s new tender program are included in today’s figures.

Solar feed in tariffs in March will remain at between €0.1231 and €0.0853/kWh, depending on project size. At the end of March, the Network Agency will announce the scheduled FIT digression and given the low level of installs, it is unlikely to change.

German legislation targets an annual solar installation corridor of 1.5 GW, beyond which FIT digressions are to be triggered. Germany installed 1.37 GW in 2015.

In figures released on January 31, it was announced that Germany has a cumulative installed capacity of 39.781 GW.