Syntegra Solar commissions 98 MW of new PV farms in the Philippines


Clean energy production in the Philippines continues to grow. Last week, a 135 MW solar park, which is believed to be the largest in Southeast Asia, was officially unveiled in Cadiz, the Philippines. Today, Swiss-based Syntegra Solar announced that in the past two weeks it has commissioned and energized four new PV farms in the Negros region.

The new plants are expected to produce enough power for 88,200 households. All of them will be eligible for the country’s feed-in tariff (FIT) compensation under the 500 MW cap of the Philippine FIT scheme.

The largest of the new solar farms, 48 MW Manapla PV power plant, which was energized on Saturday, will produce over 73,500 MWh and offset approximately 53,000 tons of CO2 annually.

An 18 MW farm near Bais City, which is designed to produce about 28,400 MWh annually, was successfully powered at the end of February. The company points out that the installation works were finished in a mere 80 days from “first pile in” to “first power out”.

Finally, two smaller PV plants, IslaSol 2A and 2B, with a combined capacity of 32 MW and expected annual output of 50,500 MWh, were powered on Monday in the Negros Occidental province.