10MW PV solar farm being developed in Belize


With an already burgeoning renewable energy sector, Belize is setting a good example of how small economies can be powered using predominantly clean energy. Solar PV has almost no say in the country’s energy mix, which is dominated by hydro and biomass resources, so this project is an exciting development for PV in the region.

Solar research company Natcore Technology is the chief consultant on the design and construction of the facility, and will work alongside energy development company, Catalyst565, to make the project become a reality. It will be constructed on a 90-acre stretch of land in the country’s southeastern town of Palcencia, and will have a capacity of 10MW.

The project approached Natcore through the company’s Best of Breed program, which aims to offer technological advice and consultancy to upcoming solar projects. "We developed Best of Breed in response to requests from entities that wanted access to our advances in solar technology," said Chuck Provini, Natcore president and CEO.

Belize already has a large renewable energy sector, with renewables accounting for 60% of the country’s energy mix. The vast majority of this is from hydro and biomass resources, but the country is now exploring fresh renewable technologies to reach its goal of becoming 100% powered by renewable energy, as part of Carbon War Room’s Ten Island Challenge.

With a country as drenched in sunlight as Belize, the opportunities for PV solar are abundant. U.K.-based solar energy company Proinso made note of this earlier this year, as it announced plans to open an office in Belize.