SoLayTec delivers to first Taiwanese customer


New high efficiency cell production equipment are continuing to come in, with the latest seeing Holland’s SoLayTec deliver tools to four new customers. SoLayTec reports making the bookings over the last "couple of weeks." The bookings were for SoLayTec’s InPassion ALD deposition equipment.

"These machines will be used for [the] production of high efficient solar cell concepts, like p-type PERC, n-type IBC, and bi-facial cells," said SoLayTec’s Roger Görtzen. SoLayTec claims that its ALD process can deliver up to six times better backside passivation in PERC cells when compared for PECVD AlOx.

"In the past SoLayTec announced that spatial ALD results in a higher efficiency of about 0,2% for multi and mono PERC cells compared to PECVD AlOx," Götzen continued. “At one leading PV solar cell manufacturer we have measured for ALD Al2O3 a surface recombination velocity between 1- 5cm/sec compared to ? 30cm/sec on similar material for PECVD AlOx."

SoLayTec argues that as crystalline silicon wafers continue to increase in quality, that customers will look for superior backside passivation for their PERC cells.

In June 2015, SoLayTec announced that it had supplied four InPassion ALD units to two different Chinese producers. In January the same year, it was announced that the company had supplied equipment to the German operations of Hanwha Q Cells.

"So far, our customers were located in China, Japan, and Europe so we are very happy with our newest market entrance in Taiwan. Now we have finally achieved this important milestone and, of course, SoLayTec will focus on further expansion of its footprint in this country." said Görtzen

SoLayTec was acquired by Amtech, from the U.S., in December 2014. It was originally a spin-off from Dutch research body TNO.