Sungevity and REC Solar team up to share leads


REC Solar and Sungevity have entered into a partnership arrangement designed to help the two firms share sales leads while also delivering lower soft costs for U.S. commercial customers interested in adopting solar energy.

The strategic partnership sees Sungevity join REC Solar’s partner program, under which it will offer REC Solar’s power purchase agreement (PPA) to its customers. REC Solar is a provider of commercial energy solutions in the U.S., and believes its new national partnership program can enable more would-be customers to install solar arrays without the upfront financial burden that can prove off-putting for many businesses.

The partnership program is also designed to enable REC Solar and Sungevity to share sales leads in order to direct the most appropriate service to each customer enquiry. REC Solar’s SVP for sales and marketing, Alan Russo, argues that this section of the U.S. solar market is currently underserved, adding that the partnership can "bring the benefits of clean solar energy to many more businesses across the U.S."

For Sungevity’s chief development officer Dave Dunlap, the partnership addresses the challenges that have "bedeviled the U.S. commercial solar market for too long". Dunlap said: "Both REC Solar and Sungevity will receive better-qualified leads, helping to increase deal flow and cut soft costs. Add in industry-leading financing and the economics become very attractive."

REC Solar recently created a $225 million finance package designed specifically to fund U.S. commercial operations that wish to enter the growing solar market. The package enables such clients to install a rooftop PV system without any upfront costs, and taps into the widely popular financing options available to residential customers across the country.