Leclanché picks up USD28.9 million order for 53 MWh Ontario storage project


Leclanché will supply a battery system with a capacity of 53 MWh to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator in an equipment supply deal worth $28.9 million. The deal is a part of a larger $45 million project, which is to be managed by Leclanché.

The Hecate Canada Storage II project will supply ancillary services to the Canadian provinces IESO.

The Swiss company will receive access to a $6 million revolving credit insurance facility, provided by the Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV) body.

Leclanché says that the order confirms the company’s position as a leader in the provision of stationary battery storage in North America. The equipment booking represents a 53% increase on Leclanché’s 2015 turnover, the battery manufacturer reports.

"The company is building upon investments already made and scaling up its operation to deliver between 150 MWh to 200 MWh of industrial grade energy storage systems in 2017, thus firmly putting ourselves on the path to delivering sustainable profitable growth," said Anil Srivastava, the Leclanché CEO in a statement. Srivastava added that the order confirms the of competitiveness Leclanché’s battery solutions.

In an interview with pv magazine last month, Leclanché’s Jacques Boppe said that European lithium ion battery manufacturing can compete with Asian rivals. Leclanché has the capacity to produce 1 million lithium-ion battery cells, from its German manufacturing operations, annually. It produces both lithium titanate oxide (LTO), and lithium graphite/NMC (GNMC) battery chemistries.

Leclanché has previously accessed support from the Swiss Export Risk Insurance body on the Graciosa Island large scale storage project.