Germany considers new taxes for renewable energy consumers


German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) calls out to the national government to stop the initiative for new energy tax regulations. German Ministry of Finance wants renewable energy consumers to pay taxes of $0.02 per kilowatt-hour consumed directly from their own solar systems.

The initiative by the Ministry of Finance proposes tax exemption only for small renewable plants up to 20 MW/h per year. BSW warns that the new regulations would heavily impact solar energy operators.

“Energy taxes were design to speed up the Energiewende, not to stop it, “ says the head of BSW-Solar Carsten Körnig.

The Ministry of Finance presents its initiative as a necessary measure for meeting the European Commission’s renewable requirements. However, according to BSW-Solar, the proposed changes contradict the main idea of the European energy tax directive.

Legal experts from Bredow Valentin Herz, who have studied the case on behalf of the Solar Association, concluded that, unlike the new taxes proposed by the Ministry, currently existing energy tax system fits the EU requirements.

Translated by Adilya Zaripova. Read more in pv magazine Deutschland.