CTF Solar to supply equipment for CTIEC’S first CdTe module factory


One of the many interesting developments in the solar industry to take place at this year’s SNEC was the signing of supplier contracts between CTF Solar and its shareholder CTIEC, for a cadmium telluride thin-film (CdTe) module factory in China. It is the Chinese company’s first CdTe module factory, as it looks to become a major player in the development of CdTe solar module factories.

Several contracts were signed between CTF Solar and CTIEC for the former to supply equipment at the factory in Chengdu, China. The main building for the facility has already been build, so it is ready for CTF Solar to start installing the equipment whenever it is ready.

The factory is designed to have an annual output of 100 MW of CdTe solar modules, with the focus on 250 Wp CdTe modules. CTF Solar will take a leading role in the completion of the factory, by choosing the technology and design of the facility, as well as selection the equipment and then procuring it. It will then manage its installation.

It is the first in an expansive move by CTIEC shareholder, CNBM, to become a global power in the production of thinfilm solar module factories. The long-term goal of CNBM is to build and then sell thinfilm module factories that will be able to produce a total of 15 GW of thinfilm modules.

CdTe solar technology is currently moving in the right direction, as just this year First Solar broke another efficiency record for the technology. It was the ninth efficiency record of its kind that First Solar has broken, reaching an impressive level of 22.1%.