Solar Frontier completes 30 MW solar plant at Nagasaki Airport


Solar Frontier, the Tokyo-headquartered developer of CIS solar modules, has announced the completion of a 30 MW solar PV park at Nagasaki Airport, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Developed in collaboration with LPG and solar power producer Chopro, the SOL de Omura Minojima Solar Power Plant is now – at 34 hectares – the largest in the Prefecture. Located next to the airport’s 3km runway, the plant was developed using Solar Frontier’s anti-reflective CIS panels so as not to interfere with aircraft operations, the company confirmed.

Its 37 GWh electricity output per year is enough to meet the power needs of 7,500 local households, added EPC Chiyoda Corporate. Funding for the plant’s development came via a consortium of local banks from the Kiyushu region, with Mizuho Bank taking the lead.

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is in place with Kyushu Electric Power Company for the electricity produced onsite.

Solar Frontier has previously supplied an 11.6 MW airport solar farm at Kansai Airport in Osaka, which at the time was Asia’s largest airport PV installation.