TrinaBEST to expand into Japan


The Chinese solar PV giant diversified its business recently with its very own energy storage arm, TrinaBEST. The company is looking to expand into the fast growing energy storage market and has now taken its first steps into a new Asian market, as it sets up its own Japanese subsidiary.

The establishment of TrinaBEST Japan is part of the company’s long-term strategy to carve a solid place for itself in the energy storage market of Japan, namely entering its energy storage solutions into the renewable energy-friendly country.

“The Japanese subsidiary provides local support through a well-trained and dedicated team to support this growing market,” commented TrinaBEST General Manager and President of TrinaBEST Japan Frank Qi. “Through our Japan subsidiary, we intend to establish long-term relationships with Japanese companies that share our vision of promoting the uses of alternative energy.”

As stated on the company’s website, the initial groundwork for TrinaBEST began in 2010. However, only recently has it brought products to market through its TrinaHome product range, while a utility-scale product range labelled TrinaMega is on its way.

“The opening of the subsidiary in Japan is an important milestone for TrinaBEST,” said TrinaBEST Japan Vice President Guinan Cui. “To ensure short delivery time and close customer service, we set up operation center in Tokyo, including warehouse facility, sales team and technical support. Such local operation is essential when we pursue new relationships with Japan customers and establish long-term relationships with our current customers in our endeavor to expand our market share in Japan.”