Canadian Solar pairs Ampt's DC optimizers with 33MW array


Canadian Solar took six months to reach a decision on the optimizers, following a small pilot project to demonstrate the viability of the concept.

Ampt claims its technology was chosen by the PV group because it was the most competitive proposal in terms of price and performance.

“Ampt’s patented technology puts voltage and current limits on the output of each optimizer to allow twice the number of PV modules per string,” the company said in an online statement, adding that its configuration required just half of the number of combiner boxes and cables that would usually be necessary.

The technology includes maximum power point tracking on every 20 solar panels, to offset losses arising from mismatches and improve inverter performance.

The power conversion specialist’s services include an option to wirelessly report string-level data.

"The Ampt solution stood out, as it allowed us to reduce the cost of electrical balance-of-system (BOS) components, produce more energy and get the most out of the inverters,” said Ken Rowbotham, general manager for Canada at Canadian Solar Solutions.