Japan's JRE to invest in 100MW of PV


The plan — part of a joint development agreement that JRE has signed with the Fukushima Future Study Group and local power company Fuzan Fukushima Denryoku G.K. — includes a proposal to build a 30MW wind farm in the prefecture.

The three sides have also agreed to collaborate on additional solar, wind, small hydro and biomass projects in the future, as part of efforts to help the prefecture recover from the damage caused by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident of March 2011.

JRE, which is backed by Goldman’s $3.1bn GS Infrastructure Partners II fund, has already completed 123.46 MW of solar capacity at 20 locations throughout Japan.

In early March, it switched on a 16.8MW PV array in Wakayama prefecture, followed by the completion later that month of a 12.6MW project in Hyogo prefecture.

In late August, it finished a 14.2 solar array in Niigata prefecture.

And earlier this month, it wrapped up construction of a 16MW solar plant in Miyazaki prefecture, southwestern Japan.

JRE, which was established in August 2012, aims to own up to 1GW of renewables capacity by 2020, according to a statement on its website.