MoU signed for 10 MW PV plant in Liberia


Not known for its solar PV market, Liberia is opening up for its first utility-scale PV plant with the signing of a MoU. Early in its development, the MoU cover the financing and construction of a 10 MW plant that is due to be built in the capital city of Monrovia.

The MoU was signed between Gigawatt Global Cooperatief U.A., a solar developer with a large presence in Africa, and the Liberian government at the Permanent Mission of Liberia to the United Nations in New York. If the project is seen all the way through, it would become the African country’s first utility-scale solar PV plant, as the country looks to diversify its energy mix.

More than just an MoU for the proposed plant, the agreement also includes an obligation from Gigawatt Global to provide a roadmap for the development and construction of a solar PV power plant within the country. On the side of the government, it has committed to analyze all of the documentation that is submitted by Gigawatt Global within 30 days of submission to keep the project timely.

Gigawatt Global has a proven track record in Africa, where it is continuing to focus its solar business, by developing a range of large-scale PV plants in different countries across the continent. The standout project is a 135 MW in Nigeria, which is has signed for, and will begin developing soon.

The company sees this first step as a means to explore further opportunities with Liberia, as Gigawatt Global’s New Projects Coordinator Remy Reinstein has already indicated that after this first 10 MW plant, the company wants to develop a further 30 MW of solar within the country.