GCL increases shipments of E-KwBe batteries to Australian market


GCL System Integration Technology (GCL-SI), a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate GCL-Poly Energy, has today signed a deal to augment the shipment volumes of its E-KwBE energy storage units to Australia by 1,000.

Australian distributer One Stop Warehouse (OSW) placed the expanded order to meet growing demand for scalable home storage in the country, which has the world’s highest penetration of residential solar PV.

Shipping of the lithium-cell powered battery unit is set to begin this month, and will help more and more customers become energy self sufficient. GCL-SI’s E-KwBe battery is touted as an "intelligent energy storage system that allows customers to optimize the use of their solar energy systems" to cut electricity bills in the home.

"The E-KwBe is an intelligent product that is highly accessible to those with solar panels because it is compatible with most, if not all, mainstream inverters on the market," said GCL-SI president Shu Hua.

The first batch of the E-KwBe batteries has already been delivered to OSW in Australia, and builds upon an evident thirst for storage in Australia. This week’s All-Energy Australia event boasted a large number of storage providers operating in the Australian market, which is viewed as the perfect test bed for new technologies by the leading global players.