Suntech opens European branch


It has been an interesting few years for Suntech. Formerly the world’s largest PV module maker, the company collapsed in a scandal over bad bonds supplied by a partner in 2012, only to re-emerge in 2014 under PV cell maker Shunfeng, itself part of Chen Kin Ming’s clean energy empire.

Four years after being stung by a shady project company with dealings in Southern Italy, Suntech is returning to Europe with the opening of a European branch. In a brief and vague press statement the company says that it opened the business in Germany on December 12.

Suntech has not clarified where it will be based in Germany, but says that this will allow it to set up local warehouses and logistics services, as well as strengthening its cooperation with local PV module recycling efforts.

This news comes after Suntech joined Trina and other large Chinese PV module makers in withdrawing from the Minimum Import Price agreement in October, which means that they will pay tariffs. The company alluded to this in its press statement, indicating that it “provides high-quality products for our European customers based on the local market price level in its overseas production bases”.