Toshiba launches 20Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Japan's Toshiba has launched a new rechargeable lithium-ion battery for automobiles, industrial equipment, and storage battery systems.

“The battery can also be used with solar power generation,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine. “The new 20Ah-HP cell is particularly suitable for charging and discharging at high currents, such as when used in conjunction with renewable energy sources, which have large output fluctuations. For this reason, we believe it is suitable for applications that require response to large output fluctuations and high frequency charging and discharging, such as when frequency control and peak shift/peak cut are used together.”

The new 20Ah-HP SCiB product has a rated capacity of 20Ah, a nominal voltage of 2.3V, and an input power of 1,900W. It measures 116 mm x 22 mm x 106 mm and weighs 545 grams.

Toshiba said the new product eliminates the cost of battery replacement. It claimed the offering is superior to other batteries in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) over the entire product life cycle.

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“In general, when solar power generation systems are combined with storage batteries, the issue is that the storage batteries have a shorter lifespan than the solar power generation system, so the storage batteries need to be replaced in the middle of the solar system's useful life,” the company explained. “The new product has even better lifetime performance than the existing product, eliminating the need to replace batteries as their capacity deteriorates.”

It said the battery cell was designed for heavy-load applications where high power input and output are crucial, where battery cells must suppress heat and operate without interruptions to facilitate the rapid charging of commercial vehicles, regenerative power systems for rolling stock, and industrial equipment.

“The cell is the same size as Toshiba’s current 20Ah product, allowing current customers to easily upgrade to the improved input and output power with the same module pack,” Toshiba said. “Compared to Toshiba’s current 20Ah cell, the new 20Ah-HP cell delivers 1.7 time higher input and 1.6 times higher output, realized by an approximately 40% reduction of resistance in the cell.”

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