Scientists study impact of RE, energy trade on power grid frequency fluctuations

Research by scientists at the Queen Mary University of London, the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Gottingen, alongside German and Japanese researchers, has sought to analyze the impact of renewables and trading on power grid frequency fluctuations.

Canadian Solar connects 19.1 MW solar park in Japan

The Gunma Aramaki installation is 100km from Tokyo and has now achieved commercial operation via a 20-year PPA with Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings.

Solar Frontier sells California solar project to X-Elio

The U.S. development division of the Japanese thin film PV maker has now developed and sold six utility-scale solar projects totaling 173 MW.

Solar Frontier hits new thin film cell efficiency record

The Japanese thin film module manufacturer has announced the achievement of a new world record, having achieved a 22.9% conversion efficiency for a CIS cell measuring 1cm². The record has been verified by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.


Japan may surpass 2030 PV target of 64 GW within two years — RTS

Japan may reach its 2030 solar installation target of 64 GW about 10 years ahead of schedule, according to a new report by PV consulting firm, RTS Corp.

Solar Frontier to venture into BIPV — report

Japan’s Solar Frontier plans to start integrating its thin-film PV technologies into materials for walls and roofs, with sales expected to begin before the end of the decade, according to a recent report.


Sunverge to build VPP project for TEPCO in Japan

Sunverge Energy has revealed plans to install “dozens” of energy storage units in eastern Japan, as part of a virtual power plant (VPP) project under regional utility Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).

Japanese scientists use organic ferroelectric to extract more current from solar cells

The new technology uses a quantum-mechanical process, which can extract current from solar cells in a much quicker, less wasteful way, the research team claims.

Japan research team develops new semi-transparent solar cell

The new cell, based on perovskite and silver nanocubes, is being developed for solar window applications.


Japanese scientists develop new solvent-based photon upconversion platform

For the new kind of photon upconversion, the research team used deep eutectic solvents as an alternative to ionic fluids.