Lunar Energy announces new residential energy storage system


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US-based startup Lunar Energy is releasing a residential integrated energy management cabinet system that stores solar energy on 5 kWh battery system to provide up to 30 kWh of backup power.

The company has announced the release of its first consumer hardware product, Lunar System, which is a residential distributed generation cabinet that integrates rooftop solar generation, battery storage, and load control in one product suite.

The DG cabinet by the company features the Lunar Battery, a lithium-ion battery with capacities ranging from 10 kWh to 30 kWh, in 5 kWh increments, along with a 10 kW hybrid inverter to support home HVAC systems and household appliances.

The residential cabinet can be connected to an on-site solar array and utilizes the Lunar Bridge, an electric panel monitoring system that seamlessly switches between grid and off-grid battery power within 30 milliseconds. During grid outages, the Lunar Switch prioritizes essential appliances by automatically turning off non-essential ones like EV chargers or pool pumps.

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The company claims that its residential battery is 47% smaller and more compact compared to other similar batteries available in the market.

Lunar Energy stated that an average home in California could achieve a payback period of seven years by installing a 20 kWh Lunar System paired with a 5 kW solar array, given recent net energy metering changes that reduce the value of solar output. The company estimated the cost of such a configuration to be between $20,000 and $30,000.

Sunrun, the solar installation partner of Lunar Energy, announced that it will start accepting orders in the fall of 2023 to install Lunar Systems together with Sunrun solar systems. The company provided a link for installers to learn more about the Lunar System, including information on how to become a licensed installer.

In February, Sunrun and Lunar Energy partnered on a nationwide virtual power plant (VPP) network. The solar installer currently has VPP operations in New England, New York, California, Arizona, and Hawaii, with plans tens of thousands of new home distributed generation systems in additional states and territories. Before partnering, Lunar Energy had deployed 35,000 Lunar Gridshare interconnected home battery systems in Japan and 1,600 across Europe.

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