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Weekend Read: Pushing perovskite PV limits

The perovskite solar race is heating up, with a cue of manufacturers forming to test products at the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) PV commercialization facilities, and academics on both sides of The Pond announcing new advances in recent months.

Enphase launches new residential battery

The IQ Battery 5P works in conjunction with the Enphase Energy System and can be configured for self-consumption, savings, or full backup functionality.

US developer completes first phase of 3.6 MW cannabis grower’s solar farm

ESA Solar has announced the completion of the first 1.2 MW phase of a 3.6 MW ground-mounted solar project for an indoor cannabis growing operation. Cannabis production represents more than 1% of US electricity demand, presenting an opportunity for renewable energy adoption.


The Hydrogen Stream: NEOM signs green hydrogen deal in Saudi Arabia

NEOM Green Hydrogen Company has secured an exclusive 30-year off-take agreement with Air Products for what they claim will be the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, while Germany’s EEX has launched the world’s first market-based hydrogen index.


Origami Solar develops light steel frames for solar modules

Origami Solar developed its new steel solar module frames in collaboration with global steel industry partners, in order to facilitate a smooth transition to high-volume, regional production.

US startup develops flexible inverted perovskite solar cell with 16.1% efficiency

Scientists from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the University of Louisville have developed a revolutionary solar cell using yttrium-doped tin oxide nanoparticles. The innovation improves charge extraction and overall cell performance.


Planned US neighborhood is all-electric, solar-powered, storm-resilient

Vermont Governor Phil Scott and Senator Peter Welch attended the groundbreaking for a new microgrid neighborhood in South Burlington, Vermont, that will put solar on every home and an electric-vehicle charger in every garage.

New solar panels produce water from humidity

US-based manufacturer Source Global has introduced a solar module technology that can produce drinking water from as little as 10% humidity in the air. The company says that its optimized technology can produce water in a range of conditions.

Portuguese group Metalogalva opens US factory

The Portuguese company Metalogalva, which produces metal structures for the photovoltaic industry, has announced the opening of a factory in Memphis, Tennessee, with an investment of $6 million.

NASA makes unusual discovery while testing perovskite solar cells in space

NASA has discovered that perovskite solar cells tested in space exhibit less degradation than reference devices tested on Earth. The agency acknowledged that it is uncertain about the specific factors in the space environment that contributed to the superior performance of the perovskite absorber film.