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California’s lithium reserves could power 375 million EV batteries, say researchers

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has prepared a report, funded by the US Department of Energy, to thoroughly quantify the amount of lithium in an underground reserve in the Salton Sea, California.

Hybridizing anaerobic digestion with photovoltaic-thermal energy

Scientists in Spain have proposed to combine anaerobic digestion plants with photovoltaic-thermal panels and have found that this combination may achieve an LCOE of $0.045/kWh across several locations in Europe and North America.

California rooftop solar installations drop 80% following new net metering rules

Over 17,000 layoffs have occurred, representing 22% of the industry. More job losses are expected.

EnerVenue offers pre-assembled nickel-hydrogen battery vessels

The stationary energy storage solution includes nickel-hydrogen batteries, the battery management system and cabling.


Photovoltaics for marine wildlife telemetry devices

A US research team has tested mini solar modules in marine data collection devices, using animal hosts for water column profile measurements. The findings suggest that submarine PV can effectively operate in these applications at depths of up to 22 meters.


Lobbyists call for more front-of-meter solar in California

California should put front-of-the-meter distributed solar on an equal footing with transmission-connected utility-scale solar and behind-the-meter solar, say several US advocacy groups.

Perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells provide extra protection against reverse-bias degradation

An international research team demonstrated that monolithic perovskite-silicon tandem cells do not suffer the same degree of reverse bias degradation that is typically seen in perovskite single junction solar cells under partial shading. They explained that the tandem devices are “protected” by the silicon subcell.


US EIA says solar power will surpass hydropower by 14% in 2024

Solar capacity has rapidly grown in the United States, while manufacturing costs have fallen, prompting the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) to predict that PV will generate 14% more electricity than hydroelectric facilities in 2024.

Infinite Turbine debuts heat pump turbine for homes, businesses

Infinite Turbine has developed a heat pump turbine for residential and commercial applications, using PV or alternative electricity sources for simultaneous cooling and hydraulic power. The tech can be retrofitted with existing CO2 heat pump systems for air conditioning, hot water, and process heat.


The Hydrogen Stream: Germany, Italy plan hydrogen pipeline to North Africa

Germany, in collaboration with Italy, has revealed plans to import hydrogen from Northern Africa.


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