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United States

How varied energy storage can enable a low-cost renewable energy future

Research from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that high-renewables operation is possible, and less expensive, when a range of energy storage technologies are used.

DNV puts different module formats to the test

Energy consultancy DNV was tasked by module manufacturing giant Longi Solar with comparing the balance of systems costs between modules utilizing 182mm and 210mm wafers, based on a 3.7 MW project in three different layouts. The results reveal a slim cost advantage for the smaller of the two, based on both fixed tilt and tracker systems.

Re-Source 2021: Q&A with Iron Mountain’s Chris Pennington

US data management company Iron Mountain has a growing portfolio of onsite and PPA renewables, and it’s one of the first major corporate firms to track its renewables by the hour as part of an innovative PPA that may serve as a forerunner for widespread 24/7 matching.

Calculating the value of a US community solar program

U.S. researchers have teamed up to analyze the economic benefit of annually adding 30 5 MW of community solar installations to Michigan’s grid for six years. Their results may surprise.


Laser focus on perovskite film formation

Scientists in the United States developed a method to observe the structure and mechanics of a perovskite material during its synthesis and transition from liquid precursors to a solid thin film. The group says its work will provide new insight into manufacturing and the development of reliable large-scale processes for perovskite solar cell production.

New York to sell PV equipment it bought for Tesla, Panasonic

The state of New York will sell more than $200 million in equipment as Tesla plans to ramp up and expand operations at a manufacturing facility in Buffalo.


Co-located hubs key to battery industry competitiveness

A report from Australia’s Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre which analysed the development of battery hubs in the U.S., Germany and Japan, has found that co-location and cooperation between industry and government were key to their success. For Australia to play the same game, it will have to leverage its wealth of resources, and clean up its act along the way.

US solar PPA prices may continue to rise until new supply chains emerge

Prices for power purchase agreements have been rising steadily since the end of last year. According to solar developers, interconnection delays, permitting challenges, and supply chain constraints are likely to keep them high.

Targeted marketing, better policies could support US low-income solar adoption

A new study shows that U.S. solar installers submit fewer quotes to low-income households, creating a supply-side barrier to solar adoption.

Strong potential for inorganic perovskites

Scientists in the United States have developed a method to compare the performance and number of defects in different perovskite cell materials. Based on simulations and work with prototype materials, the group finds that all-inorganic materials have higher potential efficiency than their more widely researched organic-inorganic counterparts.