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The Hydrogen Stream: Researchers test marine green hydrogen feasibility

Mexican researchers have revealed test results for offshore wind-based hydrogen production, while Turkey has started negotiating hydrogen facility partnerships with the United Arab Emirates.


The Hydrogen Stream: US awards $34 million to 19 hydrogen projects

As the US and British government press ahead with their hydrogen support projects, a team from Korea and the US has developed an iridium nanostructure catalyst, which decreased the amount of the chemical element. Meanwhile, hydrogen projects are proceeding in West Virginia, Denmark, Finland, and Japan.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen market to surpass LNG by 2030, says Deloitte

Deloitte says it expects steady hydrogen market growth, with annual revenue projected to hit $1.4 trillion by 2050, while Denmark and the Netherlands have started discussing hydrogen collaboration with the governments of Namibia, South Africa, and Morocco.


The Hydrogen Stream: BMW unveils hydrogen car demonstration fleet

BMW has launched its iX5 Hydrogen vehicle pilot fleet, with plans to start production by the end of the decade. Everfuel and Hy24, meanwhile, have launched a joint venture to accelerate hydrogen development in Scandinavia.

The Hydrogen Stream: Hyundai inches closer to hydrogen engine development

Hyundai Heavy Industries has revealed plans to develop a hybrid engine with more hydrogen by 2023, and a complete hydrogen engine by 2025. Japan, meanwhile, has signed hydrogen-related agreements with Saudi Arabia and Oman.


The Hydrogen Stream: Magnetic alloys for efficient hydrogen cooling

While a Japanese team developed a series of Er(Ho)Co2-based magnetic cooling alloys for hydrogen cooling, a US research team used a “simple” acid treatment to increase flow of hydrogen atoms within protonic ceramic electrochemical cells (PCECs). Hydrogen-fuelled mobility registered significant developments: the first hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft was piloted between two major airports in Germany, and a 75-passenger ferry service in the San Francisco Bay braces for operations in June.


The Hydrogen Stream: Heavy-duty hydrogen refueling station in Germany

Everfuel has signed a deal to build a hydrogen refueling station in Germany, while the European Hydrogen Backbone initiative has accelerated its own program to produce 20.6 million tons of renewable, low-carbon European hydrogen. Separately, the UK government published its hydrogen investor roadmap to 2030.


The Hydrogen Stream: Australia approves $150 million hydrogen promotion program, Mitsubishi developing ammonia combustion burner in Japan

In other news, Oil India is setting up a 100 kW green hydrogen production facility in Assam, while the German government is providing €60 million for a project aimed at preparing electrolyzer technologies for industrial production at gigawatt scale.


Making cheaper H2

The hype surrounding green hydrogen is real, but does the cost-reduction outlook for its production technologies live up to it? Christian Roselund looks at the technology, transportation, application and enabling policies behind the promising green energy carrier.

The Hydrogen Stream: Australia takes the spotlight with 1.7 GW project in Tasmania and new tech to produce hydrogen from rooftop PV

Elsewhere, Portugal’s EDP has unveiled plans to deploy 1.5 GW of green hydrogen capacity and, in Spain, several projects have been announced by Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), Iberdrola, Solaria Energía and Enagás.

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