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The Hydrogen Stream: Gasunie reports strong interest in salt cavern H2 storage

Dutch gas supplier Gasunie says several market participants have reserved capacity in the first salt cavern for large-scale hydrogen storage near the Dutch city of Groningen. According to current planning, the first cavern will be operational by 2028.

The Hydrogen Stream: Bilfinger, Gasunie to commission first hydrogen deep underground storage in 2026

Gasunie will establish a total storage capacity of approximately 26 million kilograms of hydrogen, with the first storage facility to be operational by 2026. Porsche Engineering has revealed its findings on the potential of hydrogen combustion engines, while hydrogen plans advanced in Australia and Portugal.

Netherlands’ Gasunie launches 1 MW power-to-gas pilot project powered by solar

The Dutch gas provider is building Netherlands’ first MW-sized power-to-gas installation. The plant will be powered by 5,000 solar modules.


The Hydrogen Stream: German hydrogen collaboration strategy takes shape

Dutch company Gasunie will collaborate with two German transmission system operators (TSOs) and one Danish TSO to import green hydrogen from the Netherlands and Denmark. Meanwhile, French independent power producer (IPP) HDF Energy commits to co-develop project in Morocco, and two Japanese companies move ahead with hydrogen production plant in Malaysia.

The Hydrogen Stream: Netherlands starts building hydrogen network

The Dutch authorities have started building a national hydrogen network, while Fortescue has acquired a 12.5% stake in Norwegian Hydrogen.


The Hydrogen Stream: Metallic-alloy coating improves hydrogen production

Oxford nanoSystems (OnS) has started working with electrolyzer manufacturers to test and scale up hydrogen production.


The Hydrogen Stream: US could get 13% industrial heat from hydrogen by 2050

Deloitte says blue and green hydrogen could supply 13% of US industrial process heat by 2050 with strong policy incentives, carbon pricing, and hydrogen supply targets as primary policy variables.


The Hydrogen Stream: US team produces hydrogen from ocean water

A team of US researchers engineered a double-membrane system to minimize chloride oxidizing the anode. Meanwhile, the Spanish government supports Destinus to develop its hydrogen-powered supersonic plane and test it in 2024.


The Hydrogen Stream: EODev launches packaged hydrogen generators for land, sea applications

EODev will start delivering hydrogen generators by the end of 2024 to countries in the West and the Middle East, with a focus on regions with public incentive policies. German companies, meanwhile, have agreed to convert a gas pipeline network into a hydrogen pipeline network.

Solar covered 25% of August power demand in Netherlands

The remarkable performance of PV in the Netherlands in August was due to more sun, higher generating capacity, and falling energy demand.


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