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Schneider Electric purchases controlling stake in EnergySage

The acquisition is expected to enable EnergySage to develop new solutions for high-efficiency HVAC, smart home devices, and other clean energy products and services.


SunPower to sell C&I solar business to TotalEnergies

SunPower is selling its C&I operations so it can focus on expanding its residential business, while TotalEnergies will advance its distributed generation activities in the US market.


Solar-over-canal project announced in California

Project Nexus is a pilot project that aims to build solar panel canopies over a portion of Turlock Irrigation District’s existing canals to operate and research a how water-plus-energy can meet California’s needs for climate resiliency.


US government extends Section 201 tariffs on imported PV panels, cells

The Biden administration has upheld an exclusion for bifacial panels in its new extension of Section 201 tariffs, while ramping up the annual tariff rate quota for cells to 5GW.


Vistra to expand what was already the world’s largest energy storage facility

Vistra plans a third expansion of the Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility in California.


Storing excess energy in underground salt caverns in Kansas

Extensive salt beds lie under the surface in Kansas and the state’s Geological Survey is planning to use them to help address the challenge of intermittent production from solar and other renewable sources.

US microgrid project using vanadium redox flow battery

SDG&E and Sumitomo Electric complete a pilot microgrid project in California that successfully powered utility customers solely with energy stored in a flow battery.


Solar noise barrier along highway in Massachusetts

A massive solar noise barrier in the US state of Massachusetts is expected to generate 802,000kWh of electricity per year, or the equivalent of annually supplying 120 homes with power.


Goldman Sachs invests $250 million in Hydrostor to advance compressed air energy storage projects

The investment is planned to support development and construction of Hydrostor’s 1.1GW, 8.7GWh of Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage projects that are well underway in California and Australia, and help expand Hydrostor’s project development pipeline globally.


US startup debuts energy storage system

Franklin Whole Home has developed an integrated battery and control system with artificial intelligence. It is inverter-agnostic, can be used to charge electric-vehicle batteries, and turns homes into microgrids when utility services are down.


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