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Floating solar combined with wave, tidal, wind power

A consortium of Singaporean universities and companies will study the feasibility of integrating a hybrid floating solar project with ocean, tidal, and wind capacity. If successful, the parties plan to deploy a pilot system with at least 100 MW of renewables capacity.


Malaysia to grant 4-year PPA extensions to bidders in large-scale solar tender

The Malaysian authorities have revealed that they will extend power purchase agreements from the fourth LSS4 tender for large-scale PV from 21 to 25 years.


Eco-design for PV modules, inverters

The Sustainable Solar Europe conference kicked off this week with a focus on the European Commission’s draft regulation on eco-design. The regulation will likely be adopted in the second quarter of 2023.


New solar capacity 10 times cheaper than gas, says Rystad

Operating gas-fired power plants would be 10 times more expensive in the long-term than building new solar capacity in Europe, according to research from intelligence company Rystad. Their study uses the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for gas and coal-fired power generation at different price levels and compares it to the LCOE of solar PV and wind.


Cooling down solar modules by increasing space between panel rows

A US research team claims to have demonstrated that increasing the spacing of solar panels between rows improves PV system efficiency and economics by allowing airflow to cool down the modules. The method could improve a project’s LCOE by as much as 2.15% in certain climates.


Vietnam set to open renewable energy market to PPAs

The Vietnamese government has been working on a scheme to allow bilateral power purchase agreements (PPAs) since 2020. The start of the pilot scheme has been delayed and is now expected for the first quarter of 2023. The official program would launch in 2025.


Finland to extend net metering to all PV systems in 2023

At present, only a few distributors offer net-metering services in Finland, meaning that only a small share of PV systems are net-metered. In 2023, all PV systems will be offered net metering through the country’s new centralized information exchange system for the retail electricity market.


Algae could boost solar panel efficiency by 4%

A Swedish team has inaugurated a pilot facility to mass produce algae material that can potentially boost silicon solar module efficiency by 4% and thin film by 36%. The algae are added to the encapsulant in silicon-based modules or to the anti-reflective coating on the glass of thin film modules. The team estimates the resulting modules would be 3.9% cheaper.


Daikin to scale up heat pump output in Czechia

The Japan-based manufacturing company has revealed plans to increase fivefold its production of heat pumps at its facility in Czechia by 2025.


BIPV solar facade on high-rise building to produce 58 MWh annually

The 25-meter building facade building with 120 solar modules uses SolarEdge optimizers to overcome shading from neighboring buildings.


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