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China’s State Grid commissions 1.2 GW pumped hydro project

State Grid Corp. of China has commissioned a 1.2 GW pumped hydro project, featuring three 300 MW turbines.

War in Ukraine triggered unique phase in renewables history

Human Geographer Thilo Wiertz speaks to pv magazine on the particular features that characterized the trajectory of renewable energies after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. He emphasized how the geopolitical tensions arising from this conflict have reshaped the political debate about the energy transition, with the energy security perspective gaining in importance.

Retrofit solution to convert rooftop PV systems into photovoltaic-thermal arrays

Scientists in Korea have proposed a simple methodolgy to tranform existing PV systems into photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) arrays. They claim the new design offers a cheaper alternative to expensive PVT systems, while enabling easier and faster deployment.


REC closes Norwegian polysilicon production facilities

Solar manufacturer REC blames high electricity prices for the recent closure of two Nordic polysilicon production facilities.


Solar module prices may reach $0.10/W by end 2024

Tim Buckley, director of Climate Energy Finance, speaks to pv magazine about the current steep trajectory of solar module prices. He estimates that PV panels prices will end up dropping by 40% this year and predicts the closure of old technology and sub-scale solar manufacturing facilities, both in China and globally.


New design for kesterite-kesterite tandem solar cells promises 24% efficiency

Scientists in China have designed a kesterite-kesterite solar cell with an optimized structure that may potentially achieve efficiencies nearing those of crystalline silicon PV devices. They improved the performance of the two subcells by adjusting band alignment at interfaces, selecting proper buffer layers, and adding a double layer to both devices.


PV-driven Carnot batteries may help convert coal power plants into renewable energy facilities

Danish researchers investigated how solar-powered Carnot batteries could be integrated into decommissioned coal power plants to produce clean energy. They found that a 300 MW retrofitted plant coal plant with 1.37 GWh of thermal storage capacity has the potential for annual net power production of up to 1,150 GWh for 12 h storage at a levelized cost of energy of €88.09 ($95.97)/MWh.


Inverted perovskite solar cell achieves 25.1% efficiency via new passivation technique

A group of scientists in the United States has utilized a new passivation strategy based on sulfur-modified methylthio molecules to build an inverted perovskite solar cell with a certified efficiency of 25.1% and remarkable stability. The proposed passivation approach reportedly led to a five-fold increase in carrier lifetime and a three-fold reduction in photoluminescence quantum yield losses.


Netherlands combats grid overcapacity with flexible contracts for PV owners

A pet food manufacturer with a 5.6 MW solar plant has secured the first capacity limitation contract in the Netherlands, ensuring compensation for electricity curtailment during peak hours.

Gallium arsenide solar cell achieves 23.1% efficiency via electrochemical porosification

An international research group has utilized a new porosification technique to build gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cells that allow the recovery of germanium films. The new cell achieved an efficiency that is reportedly in line with that of other GaAs PV devices, but can be produced at a lower cost thanks to the reuse of germanium.

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