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Solar park on Chinese fish pond achieves LCOE of $0.022/kWh

The 120MW facility is selling power to State Grid Corporation of China at a price of RMB0.453/kWh ($0.0762). It relies on 21.2%-efficient JT SSh(B) 450W/455W high-efficiency dual-glass panels provided by Chinese manufacturer Jetion.


Enel mulls building heterojunction solar module factory in the US

In a recent media brief, new Enel Green Power CEO Salvatore Bernabei said the company’s heterojunction solar module factory in southern Italy will be scaled up from 200MW to 3GW by mid-2024. He also revealed that another factory may be built abroad, with the United States being a possible location.

Sharp introduces 410 W half-cut panel with 21% efficiency

The panel features 108 half-cells based on M10 wafers and a 10-busbar design. Its operating temperature coefficient is -0.341% per degree Celsius and its power tolerance reaches up to 5%.

Atess unveils battery with active balancing technology

The Chinese manufacturer has upgraded its commercial application battery with a dissipative balancing technology that, it is claimed, will make the storage system suitable for different load conditions. Each battery module is sold with a capacity ranging from 100 to 200Ah and a storage capacity of 7.68kWh.


Low-cost deposition tech for perovskite solar cells

Italian and Iranian researchers have developed the new “deposition via an antisolvent-soaked applicator” technique, which they describe as an easily scalable process to produce uniform, pinhole-free perovskite films. They tested the process on a 6.7%-efficient solar cell based on a polyethylene terephthalate substrate, raising its power conversion efficiency by 82%.

New rooftop PV bracket for sloped tile roofs

Sun Age, an Italian mounting system supplier, has developed a special bracket for rooftop PV installations on sloped tile rooftops. It is made of stainless steel and can be deployed by fixing it to the surface with dowels or glue.

Perovskite-organic tandem PV cell with 23.6% efficiency via optimized interconnecting layer

Scientists in Singapore have developed a cell that could be used to power vehicles and boats, among other applications. The tandem device purportedly retains 90% initial efficiency after 500 hours of maximum power point tracking under continuous one sun illumination.

Czechia’s first floating photovoltaic plant

Operated by Czech utility CEZ Group, the pilot solar plant will be located at different heights during the charge and recharge cycles of a pumped-hydro plant and the difference in height may reach up to nine meters.


Effects of Swirl defects in solar cells based on Czochralski wafers

Scientists in China analyzed defective solar cells based on Czochralski (Cz) silicon wafers and found Swirl defects may be responsible for an efficiency drop of up to 4.7%. According to them, the presence of Swirl defects could be mitigated by applying a heat treatment at a temperature above 1,050 degrees Celsius in a clean environment before the manufacturing of the solar cells.

Growatt releases battery for off-grid solar

Growatt’s new AXE LV battery covers a wide range of capacities, from 5kWh to 400kWh, and can support off-grid systems with power outputs of 3kW to 30kW.


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