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The effects of waves on membrane-based floating photovoltaics

A research group in China has tested how membrane-based floating PV platforms can operate in offgrid scenarios. Their analysis showed that, especially with high wave frequencies, this kind of floating PV installation may suffer from the floater bending stiffness, which could limit both in-plane and out-of-plane motion amplitude.

Standalone PV-plus-storage system for EV recharging

Indian scientists have designed an off-grid power system that relies on solar panels, lithium-ion batteries and Ćuk converters. The converters are the crucial components that enable the system to deal with varying input voltage due to changing sunlight conditions.


Midea unveils outdoor residential heat pump

Midea says its new outdoor residential Evox G3 Heat Pump ranges in size from 1.5 tons to 5 tons, with a coefficient of performance of 1.8. It features enhanced vapor injection technology and uses A2L as the refrigerant.


Czechia introduces first rules for agrivoltaics

Under Czechia’s new rules for agrivoltaics, farmers and developers will not need approval to change land designations and zoning plans for agricultural areas devoted to PV generation. The provisions currently only allow agrivoltaics to be deployed in orchards and vineyards.


Netherlands approves grid fees for rooftop PV system owners

The competition regulator in the Netherlands says that the grid fees that big energy suppliers are applying to PV system owners are legitimate. Solar customers currently pay between €100 ($107) and €697, depending on the system size.


EPFL unveils perovskite solar module with record-breaking efficiency of 23.3%

The solar modules are based on the record-breaking 25.32%-efficient 2D/3D perovskite solar cells that the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne unveiled in July 2023. The panel has an aperture area of 27.22 cm2, and were encapsulated by glass-glass encapsulation technology combined with an edge seal of the module under UV light illumination. 


Powering homes with PVT energy, Stirling engines, battery storage

UK scientists have proposed a way to combine photovoltaic-thermal energy with Stirling engines and battery storage in residential buildings. Despite the high upfront costs, they said the cost-effective hybrid co-generation system could significantly reduce CO2 emissions.


New doping strategy increases lead-free perovskite solar cell efficiency

An international research group has developed a solar cell based on a lead-free perovskite material known as Cs2AgBiBr6. The cell’s absorber was doped with trans-polyacetylene, which reportedly helped the device to improve its efficiency by more than 20%.


Japan allocates 1.09 GW of storage in capacity auction

The Japanese authorities selected 30 battery storage projects in the procurement exercise. The selected developers and plant owners will be awarded a 20-year fixed revenue.


Longi announces 27.30% efficiency for heterojunction back contact solar cell

The Chinese module manufacturer said the new efficiency record was confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH).


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