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Brazil may add another 12 GW of PV this year

Of this new capacity, 8.9 GW may come from distributed generation and 3.2 GW from utility scale solar. By the end of December 2022, the country’s installed solar power should reach 25 GW, according to new figures from Brazilian trade body ABSolar.


Brazil introduces new rules for distributed generation, net metering

The Brazilian authorities have introduced new rules to ensure that PV systems below 5 MW in size will still be eligible for net metering tariffs until 2045. A grid fee for prosumers will go into effect from 2023, but the economic profitability of rooftop PV and small solar parks is expected to remain high.


Brazil tops 13GW of installed PV capacity

The country installed around 3GW of new PV systems in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. Around 8.4GW of the current PV capacity is represented by solar installations not exceeding 5MW in size, and operating under net metering.


Brazil introduces new rules for hybrid power plants

The new provisions define clearly what hybrid power plants are and what kind of grid tariffs they should pay. The regulation may be particularly favorable for hybrid wind-solar plants, especially in North-Eastern Brazil, where the grid is not strong enough to support further renewable energy development.


Brazil has imported 7.5 GW of solar modules so far this year

According to a new report from Brazilian consultancy Greener, the Latin American country imported 1,049 MW of solar panels in October alone.

PV module import prices up by 20% in Brazil since last December

Brazilian consultancy Greener reports that monocrystalline PERC modules are currently being sold at an average price of $0.24/W in the Brazilian PV market, but prices may keep rising, possibly into 2022.


Solar secures 236 MW of capacity in Brazil’s A5 auction, with average price of $0.03109/kWh

The Brazilian authorities have allocated 860 MW of power capacity in the country’s latest procurement exercise, including 20 solar projects.


Brazil may add another 20 GW of distributed solar by 2030, government agency says

The Latin American country may see unprecedented growth for PV systems not exceeding 5 MW in size during this decade, according to Brazil’s state-run Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica (EPE) agency. New rules now under discussion in the parliament may further boost this market segment and lead, eventually, to another 30 GW of installed solar power.

Increasing volumes for PV module recycling in Brazil

Brazilan PV module recycling specialist SunR has already recycled 30 tons of panels and expects to receive another 125 tons. According to its CEO, demand for recycled panels, especially broken panels, has increased considerably in recent years.

Brazil imported 4.88 GW of PV modules in H1

According to a new report from Brazilian consultancy Greener, the Latin American country installed 1,450 MW of distributed generation PV systems and just 63 MW of large-scale PV plants in the first half of 2021. Despite the disappointing large-scale performance, the strength of the distributed segment should ensure another record year for the Brazilian solar sector.


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