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Floating solar power in Brazil provides opportunity for hydroelectric power plants

The Itaipu hydroelectric power plant could almost double its generation capacity if it were to install a large floating solar plant that would occupy only 10% of its 1,350-square-kilometer reservoir area, according to an estimate released by the energy consulting and analysis firm PSR. The installation of floating PV could be an alternative to the repowering of power plants, although it faces regulatory and operational constraints.


FRV to invest some $5 billion in 2 GW of green hydrogen capacity in Brazil

FRV is one of a number of companies that has already signed contracts with the Ceará government for the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives in the state. Its H2 Cumbuco project is set to expand to 2 GW of electrolyzer capacity in two phases. The project will use residual urban water treated by the local sanitation company.


Brazil’s new PV additions hit 6 GW in January-April period

Brazil added 6 GW of new PV capacity between January and April. ABSolar, the Brazilian PV association, says the country has now cumulatively deployed 43 GW of solar capacity, with around 24 GW from PV systems below 75 kW in size.


Brazil’s January-March solar deployments hit 4 GW

Brazil’s cumulative installed PV capacity exceeded 41 GW at the end of March, with utility-scale plants accounting for 13 GW and distributed-generation resources representing 28 GW of the total.

Heat wave affects solar power generation in Brazil

A heat wave drove Brazil’s power demand up to a record high of 102 GW last week. However, it also affected solar power generation and pushed PV module operating temperatures to up to 60 C.


Brazil hits 40 GW milestone

Solar accounted for 17.4% of Brazil’s electricity mix last week. PV systems up to 75 kW in size represent around 50% of the total capacity.

Brazil’s solar panel imports hit 17.5 GW in 2023

PV module imports fell by 1% year on year in Brazil in 2023, according to a new report from solar consultancy Greener.


Brazil’s PV capacity surpasses 38 GW

Brazil has pushed past 38 GW of total installed PV capacity, with around 26.3 GW consisting of distributed-generation solar systems.


Sao Paulo inaugurates 7 MW floating solar plant

The government of Sao Paulo, Brazil, says that a new 7 MW floating solar project on a reservoir in the megalopolis is the first phase of a 75 MW facility that will be completed in 2025.

Worldwide PV growth set to slow in 2024

The number of PV installations around the world grew by an annual average of 28% between 2019 and 2023, including a 56% jump from 2022 to 2023, according to Wood Mackenzie. Growth is not expected from 2024 to 2028, however.


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