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Fire at Australian big battery

Speculation will be rife as to the cause of the fire which destroyed one Tesla Megapack and damaged another in Moorabool on Friday. Investigators are waiting until the site is deemed safe to begin their forensic examination.

Australia’s 23 GW hydrogen/ammonia project facing environmental issues

The murkiness of the federal government’s drive to make Australia an exporter of hydrogen, of any hue, gives rise to concerns.


Australian research prompts rethink on silicon heterojunction cell production

Defect engineering for silicon heterojunction solar cells has come a long way. But Matthew Wright, a solar researcher at the University of New South Wales, asks whether these proven efficiency gains could be applied more effectively.


Batteries boom in Australia as renewable investments decline

The Clean Energy Council says investors are shying away from large renewable projects in Australia, as government intervention has created uncertainty and grid risks are tough to quantify – even with a prized connection agreement in hand.


Rystad doubles IEA calculations on solar PV required by 2050

Solar rules in any scenario of what the world needs to work toward over the next three decades to keep global warming under 1.5 C.

How much solar energy is lost through automated inverter settings?

In a huge data-crunching project designed to inform rooftop solar-export policy and regulations, Australian technical and social researchers delve into the costs and effectiveness of inverter standards.


Sandwich structure of quasi-2D perovskite film nourishes next-gen solar development

Even as solar researchers strive to squeeze every drop of efficiency from the industry-ruling silicon solar-cell technology, scientists are constantly questing for the next, cheaper, more efficient way of harvesting the sun’s energy to power human endeavours. The appetite for accelerating 2D perovskite solar cell development has just been piqued!

How will you know it’s green hydrogen?

Australia’s Smart Energy Council says that its new verification scheme for green hydrogen is gaining international traction.


Could hydrogen replace diesel in large-scale agriculture?

Australian farmer Thomas Blair is expanding the horizons of his industry to cultivate green hydrogen.


Large-scale vanadium redox flow battery takes shape in Australia

A new South Australian big battery will show the value of diverse storage deployments in the National Electricity Market.


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