Interest grows in going with the vanadium flow

The choice of battery storage technologies in support of solar energy supply is broadening to suit a variety of emerging applications. VSUN has just made its first power play for vanadium-redox-flow batteries in the off-grid residential market.


Australian state governments introduce tax on electric vehicles

Some Australian states are choosing this moment to ensure that electric vehicle drivers are paying their fair share of funds needed to maintain road infrastructure given that they don’t contribute via fuel excise. The moves are expected to throw a spanner in the works of drivers deciding in favour of zero-emissions motoring.


Australian utility develops battery storage

AGL, one of Australia’s biggest polluters, is working toward net-zero emissions by 2050, and aims to use big batteries to replace the spinning reserves of some coal and gas generators.

Australian state plans 12 GW of renewables, 2 GW of pumped hydro by 2030

New South Wales has published a new infrastructure plans that brings together targets and policy adjustments, as the state government strives to retire coal-fired generators and fire up the economy.

H2 export ambitions point to bright future for South Australian PV

South Australia has integrated 50% renewables into its grid and is managing a vast fleet of distributed rooftop PV resources. Now it’s seeking investors to potentially fuel the world with green hydrogen.

South Australia awards 10-year PPA to 260 MW of PV, 100 MW battery

Construction of the state’s biggest PV array and its fifth “big battery” will create 810 jobs. The state government forecasts US$8.96 million of energy savings over the course of the decade-long contract.

Australian green hydrogen project secures first commercial offtaker

BOC will compress green hydrogen produced at HyP SA, which taps South Australian solar generation.


Australia’s 26 GW Asian Renewable Energy Hub plan gains momentum

The proposed 26 GW Asian Renewable Energy Hub in Western Australia gained federal government support last week. Construction is expected to start in 2026.


Australia a key player in new Global Power System Transformation team of 6

This week will see the official launch of a global taskforce that aims to support worldwide uptake and integration of renewables and achieve at least 50% reduction in emissions over the coming decade.


Lithium-ion gigafactory breaks ground in Australia

Less than a year from now, Australia will start producing its own renewables-storing lithium-ion batteries in New South Wales.


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