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Australian coal mine to transform into pumped hydro facility

Australian utility AGL is transforming its operations in a number of ways, from restructuring the company itself, to building energy storage facilities for flexible distribution of renewable energy into the future. The company is also planning to build a pumped-hydro facility at a disused open-cut coal mining site in eastern Australia.

Battery storage 30% cheaper than gas peaker plants for firming renewables

The contest is over. Faster, cheaper, more flexible than gas turbines – battery energy storage must be the future peaking energy service provider of choice, according to a new paper by Australia’s Clean Energy Council.


Hair! Coming to a next-generation PV cell near you

Scientists have found that a human hair derivative can protect, stabilize and enhance the performance of perovskite solar cells.

Australian manufacturer shares excess PV generation with staff

Hunter Douglas, a blinds and awnings manufacturer, will use the Enosi Powertracer platform to direct its oversupply of rooftop solar to its workforce.


Australian state approves 350 MW/200 MWh solar+storage project

As New South Wales rapidly expands its renewable energy pipeline, the Australian state’s Independent Planning Commission process is helping to align its energy needs with community and environmental concerns.

Massive mineral sands project made more viable by solar-hybrid energy supply

Have we reached a tipping point, from building the case with mining companies for deploying renewable energy … to where renewable energy is helping to build the case for mining?


RedEarth deal to see thousands of new Australian homes built with solar-battery systems

Battery storage manufacturer RedEarth has partnered with a major Australian housing developer to offer new-home buyers solar and solar/battery systems tailored to their needs from the get go – and with the opportunity to sell excess energy at optimized prices where the grid needs it most.


International solar fund weathers Australia’s storms, grid constraints

Foresight Solar Fund’s 2020 annual report puts problems for four powerful Australian PV assets into context.


Hybrid solar to revitalize former mining town in northern Australia

In the middle of Australia’s most iconic natural landscape, the township of Jabiru has begun its transition from a uranium-mine support community, to an Indigenous cultural hub and tourism center. The local arm of German renewable energy pioneer, juwi, brings its deep experience in off-grid power systems to the project.

South Australia’s hot water systems set to soak in solar

Around 2,400 South Australians will soon be fogging up the bathroom mirror without qualms about the cost of heating water, as Solahart is set to implement a new trial to control hot water systems.