Keeping PV panels honest

Michelle McCann and Lawrence McIntosh, the partners behind the PV Lab panel-testing facility in Canberra, see Australia’s solar installations as a vast, aggregated virtual power plant.


The people, the PV and the pipelines that could make hydrogen work

At Australia’s University of Newcastle hydrogen production starts with water extracted from the atmosphere and electrolysis powered by free energy from the sun; sucking CO2 from the air is the next step to filling Angus Taylor’s beloved gas infrastructure with green methane that can bring spuds to the boil and power the economy while helping to flatten the nation’s emissions curve.


Australian solar provides cheapest energy, incurs highest frequency ancillary services payments

New research from Cornwall Insight shows that grid-scale solar farms are paying 10% to 20% of the cost of providing frequency ancillary services to Australia’s National Electricity Market, despite currently generating around 3% of energy in the system.

Digital prospecting and selling tools for rooftop PV

An Australian-developed aerial mapping technology is being deployed to speed PV uptake.

Mobile, quick-install mounting system for medium and large scale projects

An Australian innovator has designed a secure racking system he says enables super-fast installation of solar fields, which can then be relocated as needed.

Seven major players shortlisted for Australia’s hydrogen funding round

Commercialisation of hydrogen production is a priority of the Australian government. Seven applicants for ARENA funding of large-scale hydrogen proposals made it through to the next round, in which they will submit full applications for projects that will be expected to commence construction in 2022.

Low-cost direct solar-to-hydrogen ambitions see the light

The road to cheap hydrogen production is riddled with potholes and energy losses. Researchers in Australia have demonstrated rethinking solar technology and skipping electrolysers could hold great promise for reaching the hydrogen holy grail.


Electric aircraft engines could take to the skies over Australia

Zero-emission, low-cost regional flights with just eight other sanitized folk and a disinfected pilot! Yes, Covid-19 is warping our view of the future but the successful electrically-powered maiden flight of a Cessna Caravan last week offers the potential for new modes of transport to support a wider economic recovery in Australia.


Policy, policy, policy: BloombergNEF’s path to hydrogen uptake

A hot energy topic with little coordinated analysis, green hydrogen has finally attracted the number crunchers of BloombergNEF.


Australian government redirects funding for Energy Transition Hub

The Australian federal government said last week that it will curtail funding for the five-year Energy Transition Hub research initiative.

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