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New milestone reached for Teknisolar’s lamination technology

Teknisolar will develop a pilot lamination line for innovative photovoltaic technology based on tandem solar cells.

Hybrid hydro-solar project puts Ghana on track to achieve electricity access, clean energy goals

A project combining solar with hydroelectric power at the Bui dam in Ghana has given a massive boost to the country’s efforts to provide universal electricity access by 2025. Digital transformation is also reducing the time to resolve technical issues at the dam.

Artificial intelligence poised to enable accelerated transformation of the energy sector

Artificial intelligence will play a larger role in solar and energy storage products, according to Sigenergy founder and CEO Tony Xu. Here, he discusses upcoming trends and current challenges in the renewable energy industry, along with the innovations his company is bringing to energy storage solutions.


Tackling solar panel cleaning: R-MC Power Recovery Limited introduces R-MC S21™

Turning its cleaning expertise to the solar power industry, R-MC has launched a new specialized cleaning fluid developed specifically to tackle a wide range of pollutants that commonly soil photovoltaic panels.


Solarday will implement TOPcon technology in a new production line

With its new module, the company is targeting domestic and small industrial installation applications with a product designed specifically for small spaces.

Mango Power launches hybrid battery inverter for households, debuts C&I solutions at Intersolar Europe

At this year’s Intersolar event, Mango Power is opening to wholesale orders from European customers for some of its most innovative product solutions, including its newly-launched hybrid battery inverter. The manufacturer is also presenting its commercial and industrial solutions for the first time in Europe.


Mining company selects Enel X Global Retail as partner for largest solar installation at a Spanish mine

Atalaya Mining and Enel X Global Retail will work together to build a 50 MW capacity solar power plant at the Riotinto Mine. The plant will cover 234,000 square meters and include more than 75,000 photovoltaic panels.

TSE and the agrivoltaic development in France

In March 2023, France passed a law to accelerate the production of renewable energy. In this interview, Bertrand Drouot L’Hermine, Deputy General Manager Business Development with TSE, discusses the important role agrivoltaics will play not only in weaning the country off fossil fuels, but also in providing benefits to France’s farmers.

EN.IT and Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul sign green hydrogen MOU

This is the fifth MOU signed by the Brazilian government since bill PL 725 of 2022 established guidelines for integrating hydrogen as an energy source in the country.


Thai market ripe for entrepreneurial spirit

Thailand has seen strong, stable growth in its solar market in recent years, leading it to become one of Southeast Asia’s most secure demand centers for renewable technology. Polytechnology, a diverse company with an expansive and growing green energy division, has more than doubled its solar inverter sales every year since 2016. Today, the company holds the biggest share of Thailand’s solar inverter market.

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