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Magazine Archive 06-2017

Turkey’s push for domestic content

Solarex Istanbul review: In April 2017, the 10th edition of Turkish photovoltaic trade fair Solarex took place at the fairgrounds in Istanbul, directly adjacent to Atatürk international airport on the outskirts of the megacity. With more than 200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors, turnout was comparable to the previous year. Yet regular participants noted that the level of professionalism had significantly increased over the past two years.

Rising tension

High voltage storage: A growing number of battery and inverter manufacturers are introducing high voltage batteries into the market, but the developmental and adoption road maps are not as linear as they may first appear.

“Solar is a competitive source in the energy mix”

Africa and the Middle East: Solar developers and suppliers have long been eyeing the sun-drenched countries south and south east of the Mediterranean. However, progress in both the distributed and utility-scale market segments has been slow. A number of developers are now making serious progress, through a combination of working under government tenders and in supplying solar solutions tailored for the end market. Martin Haupts founded the Dubai-based Phanes Group to play in both the DG and large-scale space, and he spoke to pv magazine about the challenges and opportunities.

Solar’s full circle

PV prosumers: Technological and political change is always afoot in the solar industry, but in recent months a wider appetite to alter and expand the entire business model under which photovoltaics operates has emerged. Jon Slowe, Director at distributed energy consultancy firm Delta-ee, explains how the role of the PV prosumer is increasingly understood and embraced.

Stored potential

Solar + storage in Austria: The PV market in the alpine republic is very stable. Stable demand is a key prerequisite for the installation of domestic storage systems, which are not yet profitable in this market segment in Austria. Nonetheless, experts see enormous potential.

France’s island autonomy

French overseas tenders: On August 18, 2015, the Transition for Green Growth Law set the objective of achieving full energy autonomy in France’s island territories by 2030. But is the framework set up under the leadership of Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Ségolène Royal consistent with this objective? And will obstacles observed on the ground be overcome?

“It would have to be a brave buyer in today’s market”

SolarWorld: The insolvency of SolarWorld AG last month came as no surprise, but it has raised questions about solar cell and module manufacturing in the more developed economies within Europe and the U.S. Jenny Chase, who heads up solar analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance believes the impact of the pioneering solar company both on solar trade and manufacturing globally will be minimal.

Home Power Solutions: total autonomy

Residential storage: A young company is launching a power plant that can make single and two-family homes truly self-sufficient with hydrogen storage. The kicker: It supplies electricity, heat, and controlled domestic ventilation all at one time; uses synergies; and is an integrated all-in-one device.

They will come … if you build it

Indian infrastructure: India’s thriving solar segment grew 76% in 2016, beginning this year with almost 12 GW of capacity installed as the nation hurtles towards a 100 GW solar target by 2022. However, by doubling its solar park capacity goal to 40 GW earlier this year, has the government’s bold ambition for ground-mounted solar overlooked the difficult realities on the ground?

Self-consumption in America

Decentralized energy: As the U.S. residential solar market slowly but surely moves away from net metering, self-consumption is beginning to emerge as an alternative business model. But many of the initial moves in this direction have not been promising.

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