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Magazine Archive 10-2018

Let’s get digital

As price pressure continues to exert its strong grip on the inverter market, digital services make their way into the offerings of manufacturers. The new technologies create the possibility to steadily generate profits, and thus create resilience to market fluctuations. But they also allow the installation of more solar assets, as they cater to the need to improve grid resilience to compensate for intermittent renewable energy.

SMAde in Australia

Producing PV project components locally can send a powerful message to policymakers: Build renewables, and the jobs will come.

More than material gain

Netherlands-based materials specialist DSM is working on several new innovations to serve the solar industry, including its endurance backsheets and anti-soiling coating. pv magazine had the chance to catch up with Jan Grimberg, DSM’s Business Director for Advanced Solar about these latest developments, and the trick to convincing the conservative manufacturing industry to work with new materials.

All Energy Australia

Down for a trip Down Under? Melbourne is hosting The All Energy Australia conference on October 3-4,
and pv magazine will hold its Quality Roundtable for the first time in Australia. The show itself is set to grow significantly and this years conference will see some 180 industry leaders and innovators discussing the
drivers of clean energy.

Climate change is reshaping Australia’s demand for energy storage

Sometimes there’s a first mover advantage. Sometimes there’s a first mover mess. In the case of residential energy storage, Australia’s early adoption has meant it’s been at the center of a rapid technology evolution as the market decides: Why do homeowners need energy storage?

Storing up the future

The global installation of photovoltaics is expected to reach the terawatt level within just five years, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. And with more than 99.1 GW of grid-connected solar installed in 2017, switching on to the importance of storage is key.

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