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Roundtables USA 2021

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USA ’21

November 9, 2021

Solar opportunities in an age of extremes 


The 2021 Roundtables USA convene at a time when solar PV enjoys unprecedented support at nearly every level, public and private. Innovation is driving technology advancements, and demand for clean-energy solutions – everything from rooftop PV to utility-scale storage to electric vehicles – has never been higher. 

The Biden administration is calling for a 3-4x acceleration in solar deployment to meet its clean energy goals. At the same time, supply chain constraints as well as international trade disputes add complexity. 

The Roundtables put all of these factors into context and then go beyond to offer insights into the pivotal role that solar PV and clean energy will play in addressing climate challenges and the economywide push to decarbonize. We will look for answers to these questions and more:

  • Is the supply chain able to support a massive ramp up in solar deployment to meet the Biden administration’s clean energy goals?
  • What gaps need to be addressed in technology and performance due to rapidly evolving climate factors?
  • Are policies at the state and federal levels, as well as local regulations, adequate to support massive build-outs of solar?

Join us for two must-attend sessions and connect with top industry players. 

Session 1 | Rising stakes for solar and storage

The effects of climate change are being felt across the United States as extreme temperatures, drought, and wildfires plague the West; and more extreme rain and severe weather events become more widespread across the eastern half of the country.

It’s clear that solar and energy storage must play rapidly growing roles in decarbonizing the economy to help combat the rising toll of climate change.

The climate challenge raises the stakes for solar and storage to deliver reliable and cost-effective carbon-free energy, even as those same resources face increased risks of their own from fires and storms, as well as component failures and long-term system performance.

This Roundtable session tackles issues related to quality and performance from multiple points of view, starting with a macro view of the critical issues facing solar and energy storage and drilling down to more detailed discussions of inverters, trackers, and modules.

Session 2 | Future energy: Technologies and policies propelling growth

The prospects for clean, sustainable energy sources have never been brighter.

Technology innovation, coupled with supportive policies at the local, state, and federal levels, are helping to drive rapidly expanding uses of PV, energy storage, clean hydrogen, and widespread electrification across multiple sectors, including the all-important transportation sector.

This Roundtable session highlights both the technologies and the policies that are likely to be the most impactful.

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