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US developer secures $1.1 billion for California solar-storage project

Arevon Energy secured the funds for a 374 MW solar project with 150 MW / 600 MWh of co-located energy storage.


Weekend Read: Energy sovereignty

Native American lands boast serious PV potential in the United States but getting projects off the ground hasn‘t always been easy. Different tribes are willing to take power generation into their own hands and the landscape could be shifting, thanks to funding from the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other programs.


Weekend Read: PV goes portable

Portable solar generators are making their way from the fringes of solar and energy storage to become a mainstream consumer item. The rise has been charged by a range of factors that have created massive brands. Where did the sector emerge from, who was buying before, who is buying now, and what’s next? Tristan Rayner reports.


The Hydrogen Stream: Japan expands ties with Germany, South Africa

The Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (Jogmec) and Germany’s H2Global Foundation have agreed to cooperate on clean hydrogen, while officials from Japan and South Africa met this week to discuss hydrogen collaboration opportunities.


The Hydrogen Stream: Zaha Hadid designs marina refueling stations

Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled the world’s first green hydrogen refueling network for recreational boats at marinas in Italy, while a German-Czech consortium has announced the development of a drivable hydrogen motorcycle.


The Hydrogen Stream: H2 Green Steel gets $7 billion for production in Sweden

H2 Green Steel has secured funds to produce green steel in Sweden, while ZeroAvia has locked down support to develop a mobile liquid hydrogen (LH2) refueling truck for heavy-duty applications.

Weekend Read: Decarbonizing disaster response

Diesel generators have been the workhorse of disaster relief for decades but as the frequency of extreme weather events rises, so do calls to decarbonize the emergency response. Sustainability may not be the only benefit to using solar in a crisis, as pv magazine discovers.


The effect of PV plants on albedo, vegetation, land temperature

Scientists have used remote sensing to analyze the effect solar farms have across 116 sites worldwide. They found that the cooling effect is higher during the daytime, with albedo decreasing by 0.016 for most facilities.

Researchers apply thresholding to PV soiling image analysis

Thresholding methods have commonly been used to characterize the soiling accumulated on glass coupons. Researchers led by the Sapienza University of Rome have identified 16 automatic thresholding methods that may be used for analyzing soiling on PV panels.

California rooftop PV companies face high risks, says insurer

Solar Insure tells pv magazine USA that the financial stability of rooftop solar companies in California is now in question. Despite this, a state appeals court recently reaffirmed a number of anti-solar decisions.


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