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Testing zeotropic fluids in high-temperature heat pumps

A German-Nigerian research group simulated the usage of mixtures of zeotropic fluids with varying boiling or condensing temperatures in industrial heat pumps. The best results were obtained with a mixture of cyclohexane and cyclopropane.

UK firm finalizes $18 million deal for renewables in Nigeria

UK-based Konexa has finalized a deal that will see Climate Fund Managers and Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund invest $18 million to establish Nigeria’s inaugural private renewable trading platform and provide renewable energy to Nigeria Breweries.


Weekend Read: Consolidating growth in Africa

Across Africa, rooftop solar is stepping in to fill the void as fears of non-payment and inflation-reduced donor funding dampen enthusiasm for big solar. Commercial and industrial (C&I) arrays are leading the charge, driving consolidation in markets overstocked with startup and mid-size installers.


Weekend Read: Install grid-connected solar, rinse, repeat

Will a redeployable solar and energy storage solution be the answer to unreliable grid electricity across much of Africa, as its developer proposes? Or will it merely be a temporary solution that will see cash-strapped utilities kick the can of universal energy access further down the road?

The Hydrogen Stream: Netherlands starts building hydrogen network

The Dutch authorities have started building a national hydrogen network, while Fortescue has acquired a 12.5% stake in Norwegian Hydrogen.


Nigerian manufacturer commissions 100 MW solar panel factory

Auxano Solar has commissioned a 100 MW solar panel assembly factory in Lagos, Nigeria. It launched the project in 2016.


Powering rural Nigeria

Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA) was established to solve electricity challenges in rural parts of the country. As the organization that manages electric power in remote areas, the REA is committed to solving the problem of power access for its constituents. The REA is responsible for the main business scope of Nigeria, covering new power generation, microgrids, and distribution network construction. Abba Aliyu, head of project management for the REA’s Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP), says that much has been achieved but there are still energy challenges that remain to be solved.


Nigeria’s PV potential

Everoze Partner Abdul Sotayo highlights some of the issues that continue to hold back progress on clean energy in Nigeria, where energy poverty remains a problem, despite the nation’s vast solar potential.


Technology brings universal access to clean energy within sight

The opportunities available from the aggregation and interpretation of mass data are huge and could help attract investors and ensure more efficient electricity networks as the world races to try and achieve the UN goal of access to reliable energy for all this decade.

The Hydrogen Stream: Global pipeline projects to surge by 2035, says Rystad

Norwegian consultancy Rystad Energy says that hydrogen pipelines will be “far better” than vessels at moving hydrogen over short- and medium-range distances in the years ahead.


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