Scientists cast light on how potassium can fix perovskite cells

Doping perovksite solar cells with potassium is said to eliminate interface trapping defects and mobile ion migration. ‘Hysteresis suppression’ is key for more efficient cells based on the promising material.

Australia election: What can solar expect under Morrison’s coalition?

As India awaits the results of the world’s largest democratic election on Thursday, and the EU begins to go to the polls on the same day, pv magazine Australia considers the “miracle” victory by a right-wing Liberal-National coalition in Australia at the weekend, and finds the nation’s solar sector has little reason to rejoice.


Australia’s climate election: Where do parties stand on renewables?

As Australia’s federal election campaign slowly grinds to a halt, one thing is indisputable: Climate change has emerged as the make or break issue in this year’s election. The main parties have come up with a wide range of policies, but some of them are more supportive of the green energy sector than others.

Australian aged care sector turns to solar for lower energy bills

With the annual cost of energy rising per bed across Australia’s aged care sector, C&I PV and energy-efficiency specialist Verdia says that a major energy transformation is taking place throughout the country.


Public consultation opens for 11 GW renewables hub in Australia

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority is seeking public input on the massive Asian Renewable Energy Hub proposed for the country’s Pilbara region.

Vanadium-flow batteries set for grid-scale project in Australia

Canadian company CellCube Energy Storage Systems and Pangea Energy have signalled their intention to install a 50 MW/200 MWh energy storage system in Port Augusta, South Australia.


Gupta’s 280 MW Cultana Solar Farm waved through in Australia

The first solar project in the 1 GW dispatchable renewable energy program launched by U.K. steel billionaire Sanjeev Gupta has received development approval from the government in the state of South Australia.

PV+storage opportunity looms in Asia-Pacific region: WoodMac

Solar-plus-storage could be competitive against gas peaking power plants in Australia within the next five years, as the average solar-plus-storage LCOE across the Asia-Pacific region is set to fall from $133/MWh this year to $101/MWh by 2023, according to a newly released research report.


Sustainable Melbourne Fund to expand rooftop PV across Australia

A new $139 million partnership with Bank Australia will allow the Sustainable Melbourne Fund to help all commercial and agricultural enterprises in Australia to become more sustainable. And for many businesses, reducing electricity costs and emissions through PV is at the top of their wish lists.


Sustainable Melbourne Fund takes mission – and rooftop PV – across Australia

A new $200 million partnership with Bank Australia has boosted the capability of the Sustainable Melbourne Fund to help commercial and agricultural enterprises nationwide. For many businesses, reducing electricity costs and emissions through solar installation is the first project on their wishlist.


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