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Western Australian opposition party proposes 4.5 GW solar plan

Western Australia’s opposition leader has proposed a new energy policy ahead of the state’s upcoming March 13 election, with plans to phase out coal and deploy solar, wind, and hydrogen.

Excess renewables production to make fuel, chemicals and feedstocks for industry

The University of New South Wales and several other universities in Australia are embarking on a feasibility study into how New South Wales can utilize excess renewable energy to make fuel, chemicals, and feedstocks for the industry. The aim is to develop a plan for how fuels and chemicals such as green hydrogen and ammonia produced from renewables can decarbonize the industry.


Macquarie’s second renewable energy fund raises €1.6bn for large scale investment

Macquarie-owned Green Investment Group’s Renewable Energy Fund 2 has far exceeded its own expectations by raising over €1.6 billion in investment commitments for large scale solar and wind projects all over the world.

Pure Hydrogen to develop large-scale facility in Australia

Real Energy, an oil and gas developer, continues to pursue its hydrogen ambitions. It recently entered into a key partnership with Port Anthony Renewables to build and develop a large-scale hydrogen production facility in the Australian state of Victoria.

South Australia’s hot water systems set to soak in solar

Around 2,400 South Australians will soon be fogging up the bathroom mirror without qualms about the cost of heating water, as Solahart is set to implement a new trial to control hot water systems.

Australia deployed 2.6 GW of rooftop PV in 2020

The rise and rise of rooftop solar PV has established Australia as a renewable energy powerhouse, with new figures from the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) revealing the nation achieved a record in renewable capacity in 2020.

Australia’s first large-scale PV recycling operation amps up ‘waste’ collection

Reclaim PV is now one step closer to ensuring that solar generation lives up to the promise of providing clean energy throughout its life cycle, and that repurposing its component materials becomes viable.

Blockchain-enabled retail PPAs in Australia

WePower has delivered its blockchain-enabled Elemental technology to Mojo Power to set up the Mojo Marketplace, an online market for renewable-energy retail contracts.


Australian green hydrogen innovator to flip coal-fired fleet in the Philippines

Australia’s Star Scientific has signed a deal with the Department of Energy in the Philippines to use its hydrogen tech. The partnership could see Star Scientific transform every coal-fired power plant in the nation to green hydrogen, while also using the tech to provide desalinated water.

Novel catalyst produces green hydrogen from seawater via solar

Australian and Chinese researchers have developed a novel catalyst for the production of green hydrogen from seawater via solar.

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