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Wavelabs unveils solar simulator for perovskite mini-modules

Wavelabs, a German testing equipment manufacturer. unveiled a new solar simulator suitable for perovskite and thin film mini-modules.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Akcome confirms delisting from the Shenzhen stock market

Akcome said the trading of its stocks will be suspended from June 19.

Noise-barrier integrated photovoltaics for highways, railways

A German research team is field testing new module concepts that can be integrated into noise barrier walls alongside roadways or railways. The hope is that some of the designs will emerge as cost-effective, power-generating solutions for application in newly constructed soundwalls, in retrofits, or in add-on projects.

Crop-responsive PV tracking system for greenhouses

An international consortium led by Israel-based Al-Zahrawi Society announced the first European installations of a multi-year project to test crop-responsive PV systems combined with carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouses.

Chinese researchers develop 28-µm silicon solar cell with 20% efficiency, 0% breakage rate

A research team in China has developed a novel thin-silicon wafer reinforced ring (TSRR) to protect ultra-thin wafers and solar cells during production. This technique consists of applying the ring at the edge of thin wafers and is compatible with all silicon solar module technology.

Swedish startup unveils tape-based stringer for back contact solar modules

Sticky Solar Power is taking orders for industrial-scale versions of its novel room-temperature cell interconnection system, which is reportedly well-suited for back-contact (xBC), perovskite, and heterojunction cell technologies.

Canon unveils passivation material to improve perovskite solar cell durability

Canon has announced a new functional material for perovskite thin film passivation that potentially improves durability of perovskite solar cells while enabling a mass-production process. The Japanese company aims to start commercial production of the material in 2025.

Digital twin technologies for solar tracking in agrivoltaics

Fraunhofer ISE researchers are applying deep learning and digital twin modelling tools to optimize PV tracker control systems for use in farming and biodiversity projects. The goal is to be able to automatically position the modules throughout the day to meet the needs of the plants growing below, in light of the microclimatic conditions, and the need to optimize yield.

Singulus Solar presents cell, module production equipment for TOPCon, HJT manufacturing

Germany-based Singulus Solar, a joint venture of Singulus Technologies, a German PV equipment manufacturer, and Yingkou Jinchen Machinery, a Chinese module manufacturing equipment supplier, announced it will supply cell and module turnkey solutions to manufacturers of tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) and heterjunction (HJT) PV products.

Colored BIPV manufacturers and success factors

A Swiss research team published a review of the technologies used to manufacture of colored building integrated PV, discussing competitive characteristics of more than a dozen products, as well as success factors to drive market development.