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Western Europe

Extension of EU duties on Chinese solar products is now official

On Friday, the EU published in its Official Journal the 18-month extension of antidumping and anti-subsidy duties on Chinese solar products, including notification of a partial interim review of the measures. The review could lead to the gradual reduction of duties and minimum import prices. The EU will also consider if the Minimum Price Undertaking agreement is still of relevance.


Solar panels for world’s first combined hydro & floating PV project installed in Portugal

French floating PV specialists Ciel & Terre have installed a 220 kW PV installation at a hydroelectric dam on Portugal’s Rabagão River. Though a comparatively small installation, this represents the first time the two technologies have been used in tandem at utility scale.


INDEOtec receives PECVD equipment order from Saudi university

The Swiss equipment company will provide its OCTOPUS II PECVD/PVD platform to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

North American and European utilities invested around $297 million in distributed solar to date, GTM Research

Investments in distributed solar made by North American and European utilities have reached an aggregate value of $297 million to date. North American power providers seem to be more confident on distributed solar, but European companies are investing more heavily in all distributed energy segments.

Mixed reactions to 18-month extension of antidumping and anti-subsidy duties on Chinese manufacturers

The 18-month extension to antidumping (AD) and anti-subsidy duties applied to Chinese solar exports has caused mixed reactions within the industry. The measure should be published on the EU Official Journal by the end of this week.


Italy installed 369 MW of new PV systems in 2016

The Italian solar market grew by 22% in 2016. The country added 369 MW of new PV systems last year. This growth was mainly driven by tax breaks for the residential sector and the regulation for self-consumption. Most of these systems have a power of up to 100 kW.

SolarEdge to launch residential PV solution in Europe

Israeli headquartered power electronics specialist SolarEdge has announced that it is rolling out a complete solution for residential PV, consisting of inverter, storage and home automation system.

Spain installed PV systems totaling 55 MW in 2016

In 2016, Spain’s solar development was driven by grid-connected PV systems for self-consumption and stand-alone systems for agricultural use.

Belgium’s PV power surpasses 3.42 GW

Belgium has now over 3.4 GW of installed PV power. Most of this capacity, 2.45 GW, is located in the Flemish-speaking region of Flanders. The French-speaking region of Wallonia and the Brussels Metropolitan Region have reached 931 MW and 56 MW, respectively. In 2016, the country registered a 77% increase in new installations.


European Commission confirms 18-month extension of antidumping and anti-subsidy tariffs, with a staged phase-out

The European Union will see an extension to hotly contested duties on Chinese PV exporters by 18 months. A spokesperson for the European Commission confirmed the move with pv magazine today, adding that the duties will be phased out, in line with industry cost reductions.

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