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Harvesting energy from ‘hot’ electrons could boost perovskite efficiency

Scientists from the University of Groningen have discovered a tin-based perovskite material in which electrons retain high energy levels for much longer than previously. This discovery could allow for the creation of very high efficiency perovskite cells, by eliminating a large portion of energy loss through heat.

German scientists claim inhomogeneous perovskite films are highly functional

Contrary to common belief, holes in perovskite films may not always negatively affect the performance of perovskite-based solar cells, according to recent research from the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (HZB).

Germany’s Innogy unveils ambitious solar expansion plans

The renewable energy subsidiary of German power company, RWE aims to build more solar power projects in the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S., and has signed a new agreement for 1 GW of PV in Canada.


Øresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark to be powered by solar

A 250 kW PV system will provide around 4% of the bridge’s energy needs. The project may be expanded to 700 kW.

Germany: Potential grand coalition partners, CDU/CSU and SPD want auctions for 4 GW of solar, wind

Negotiators of the three German parties have agreed on a common preliminary paper. They also agreed on additional tenders for large-scale solar and wind power projects, with a volume of 4 GW in the years 2019 and 2020.


Researchers at Cambridge University develop new type of two-cell bio-photovoltaics

Researchers have developed and designed a new algae-powered fuel cell that is five times more efficient than existing plant and algal models, as well as having the potential of being more cost-effective to produce and more practical to use.

Switzerland: New PV additions for 2017 range between 250 and 270 MW

According to provisional figures released by Swissolar, solar demand remained stable in the country last year. Looking ahead, the association expects another 300 MW to be deployed this year.


Portugal: “Unsubsidized” approved large-scale PV projects top 756 MW, first private solar PPA signed

These projects would be developed without direct public incentives and would sell power to the spot market – an option still considered unviable by the local renewable energy sector – or through private PPAs. Meanwhile, local power provider, Axpo Iberia has agreed to buy electricity from a 28 MW solar facility planned in southern Portugal under a 10-year PPA.


AES, Siemens launch energy storage platform Fluence, confirm involvement in 100 MW LA storage project

Collaboration between the U.S. energy firm and the German power electronics giant officially licensed on January 1, as details of a massive 100 MW/400 MWh lithium-ion battery storage project in California were announced.


Baywa plugs in 41 MW solar park in southwestern France

The solar park was built on an area previously used for logging and which has been unused for several years.