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How to attract bees into solar parks

According to new research from the U.K., solar parks may help maintain natural habitats for pollinators that could be, otherwise, destroyed by intensive farming. The study also highlights that biodiversity could be both positively and negatively affected by solar parks and associated land-use change.

German power provider tests vertical agrivoltaics

Lechwerke is testing two pilot systems close to existing solar parks. It also aims to build its first large-scale project.


Retrofitting solar parks for agrivoltaics

Enel Green Power is combining existing PV arrays with agriculture at nine pilot sites in Europe. pv magazine recently spoke to Giovanni Tula, the company’s head of sustainability, about the business model and its replicability.


When agrivoltaics meet energy communities

Spain’s Tranesol is setting up two energy communities that will be powered by 2.5 MW of agrivoltaics. The two facilities will be located in the Valencian Community, which is at the forefront for supporting projects for solar power sharing.

New Italian PV industry body struggles to unleash utility scale PV

As the ongoing changes in Italian politics inevitably create some uncertainties, PV operators continue to organize themselves, pulling together to put forward their agenda. pv magazine spoke with Andrea Cristini, spokesperson of new industry body Alleanza per il fotovoltaico in Italia, a group of 25 operators which in December joined forces to promote utility scale solar parks.

Agrivoltaics have an average LCOE of €0.093 per kWh in Germany

According to new guidelines by Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE, agrivoltaic projects are already competitive with other renewable energy sources today. The lack of a proper regulatory framework, however, is currently preventing the dual use of arable land for food production and power generation from becoming a mainstream solution.


More land restrictions for solar in Taiwan

PV developers will no longer be allowed to deploy solar on salt flats in ecologically sensitive areas in Chiayi County and the city of Tainan.


French alliance to build intelligent shade systems for agrivoltaics

French companies Ombrea and RES are partnering on the development of special PV shade systems for agrivoltaic projects. The devices will be equipped with artificial intelligence technologies to make them react to unfavorable weather conditions.


Agrivoltaic project with vertically mounted bifacial panels goes online in Germany

German developer Next2Sun has completed a 4.1 MW solar plant built with roughly 11,000 bifacial panels provided by Chinese manufacturer Jolywood.


Photovoltaic shade for greenhouses

French start-up Solar Cloth has secured a patent for a PV shade screen for solar greenhouses.


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